​TESSUTI 2020 Campaign | Example& Erin

"What you do"  - Tariah 

PEUGEOT MOTION & EMOTION 体感試乗キャンペーン コマーシャル 

Hollywood:The World Most Distinguished Chinese Award

Orient watch US (US オリエントウォッチ広告)

"Beautiful"  - Yurifa Matsumoto

"This Is My Wish" -Special Movie - グレードアロマキャンドル コマーシャル

Behind the scenes of TOKYORK photoshoot with Yurifa Matsumoto

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Tokyo makeup artist

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Pro Makeup Artist Hanako Ishii - With over 8 years of experience in the industry is a Freelance makeup artist based in Tokyo and can travel. Specialize in fashion makeup, music video makeup, airbrush makeup, editorial, print, commercial, film and much more.

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